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Passives, middles and unaccusatives;6. Expletive constructions and clause structure;7.

Fronting, focussing, extraposition and NP-shift;8. Finite and non-finite complements and adjuncts;9.

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Acerca de Sinopsis: Icelandic is a syntactically interesting language, with aspects of its word order, clause structure, agreement patterns, inflection and case system arousing much theoretical interest and debate in recent years. We ship our books to over countries around the globe and we are always looking to add more countries to the list.

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Price : 6 dollars. This seems to be a fine handbook, which I would much have liked to have while teaching Middle English at an American University. It covers the parts of speech from Nouns to Interjections. It has not only a full General Bibliography, heading the work, but also special bibliographies, following each chapter. In the authors' note on Scandinavian Languages in the General Bibliography p.

Workshop: AG Comparative Germanic Syntax and the Challenge from Icelandic

Had he consulted my book he would have fond many parallels to English and Middle Enghish Syntax, for instance a parallel to the English Progressive Tense. This is not, however, by any means, to belittle the author's work in comparing Middle English to Old Icelandic. Thus, in discussing a demonstrative use of the third person pronoun pp.

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  5. It is of course agreed, that, in general, this is true.