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Prodicus , Anaxagoras , Archelaus , Diotima. Virtually all subsequent Western philosophy , but Plato and Xenophon in particular. Main article: Socratic problem.

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Main article: Trial of Socrates. Plato from Raphael 's The School of Athens — Main article: Socratic method. Main article: Socratic dialogue. See also: Cyrenaics. Philosophy portal.

Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. Retrieved 20 November Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary. Cambridge UP, The Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy.

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Cambridge University Press. Retrieved 19 November Reason and Religion in Socratic Philosophy. Oxford University Press. But the year of Socrates's birth is probably only an inference from Plato [who] has Socrates casually describe himself as having lived seventy years. Socrates, Ironist and Moral Philosopher. Cornell University Press. Kahn — Ethics — p. Socrates: Fictions of a Philosopher. Socrates, of course, is the only of these philosophers who didn't write anything The historical Socrates undoubtedly existed, but he did not write anything Socrates is especially pure because he does not write.

As Socrates did not write anything and assigned to the living word and to dialogue with his followers all of his thought, This is why Socrates did not write anything; he had nothing to teach that could be fixed in writing They achieved renown precisely because they did not write at all. The vice of graphorrhoea was frequently contrasted with the virtue of such ancient philosophers as Pythagoras, Aristarchus, Favorinus and Socrates, who did not write anything Ethics for Criminal Justice Professionals.

CRC Press. The Rise and Fall of the Socratic Problem pp. Retrieved On Socrates. In addition to Plato and Xenophon , each of the following is credited by some source as having added to the genre: Aeschines of Sphettus , Antisthenes , Aristippus , Bryson, Cebes, Crito , Euclid of Megara , and Phaedo. It is unlikely Plato was the first in this field Vlastos, p. The Cambridge Companion to Socrates p. Socrates:Socrates's strangeness.

Zalta ed. Oxford Bibliographies. A Companion to Socrates. A translation of one fragment reads: "But from them the sculptor, blatherer on the lawful, turned away. Spellbinder of the Greeks, who made them precise in language. Sneerer trained by rhetoroticians, sub-Attic ironist.

Encyclopedia Americana pp. Smith, P. Woodruff — Reason and Religion in Socratic Philosophy p. Socrates doi : King , One Hundred Philosophers p. Gill — The Death of Socrates p. Brisson , Griechische Biographie in hellenistischer Zeit: Akten des internationalen Kongresses vom Hegel trans. Frances H. The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature reprint, 3rd ed. Translated by Fowler, Harold N.

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Frantic violence, became the attribute of manliness; cautious plotting, a justifiable means of self-defense. The advocate of extreme measures was always trustworthy; his opponent a man to be suspected. Why Socrates Died: Dispelling the Myths. New York: W. Norton and Company. Apology , 24— US National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health. Retrieved September 12, Frey January Did Socrates Commit Suicide? Philosophy , Volume 53, Issue , pp.

University of Liverpool.

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Socrates and Legal Obligation. U of Minnesota Press.

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