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'Lobster War' Documentary To Screen At Coolidge Corner Theatre

Despite solving the political conflict, the court failed to render a judgment about the nature of lobster in international waters for other countries. Scientists worked for another two years arguing whether lobster walked or swam. Eventually, the walking side won, though it was admitted that lobster could leap short distances underwater.

By NanaimoNewsNow. Automated garbage collection to spread across entire Mid Island region.

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Sep 24, Brazilian cruiser armada. Scott Fenton, a defence lawyer for Meng Wanzhou, told the B. RCMP report rise in crimes of opportunity in north Nanaimo. Many of the property crimes in Nanaimo's north end involved simple theft from unlocked homes and vehicles, according to RCMP Cst.

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Gary O'Brien. He said complacency is making it too easy for thieves to See More.

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Indie Showcase: Lobster War

Stephens, and their cat, Cooper. When not watching all the movies ever made or digging up stories about the Maine film scene, he can be found writing for the AV Club and elsewhere. The rest of the time, he's worrying about the Red Sox. Send an email Read more from Dennis.

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The Great Lobster War Between France And Brazil

Machias Seal Island is an unlikely location for an international border dispute, a heated and increasingly dangerous conflict and an illuminating flashpoint for the worldwide crisis that is global warming, and yet here we are. More on that later.

And how the ensuing lobster boom in the cold waters there spell trouble for Maine and Canadian lobstermen, the Maine economy and, inevitably, all of us. The water in the gulf has been warming, drastically, with the range of colder waters flowing steadily north.

Lobsters can only thrive in a rather narrow band of temperatures. As that band moves north, the lobsters move with it — in the last 10 to 15 years increasingly to the now lucratively teeming icy waters around Machias Seal Island. As Abel explains, this smaller-scale squabbling over shrinking resources is the danger of climate change made all too real for working lobstermen.

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Along with other increasingly worrisome factors like the CO2-linked acidification of the oceans, which has seen a weakening of shellfish shells , the global warming trend in Maine is hardly news to the people who work those waters. They know global warming is not some liberal fantasy, or some government scheme to make their lives worse. But the response was very positive about how we approached the complexity of the issue.