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On the other hand, and this is important, the earlier stages would be exactly the same - all life on Earth has shared a common history for most of the age of the universe.

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Read more: Big History: why we need to teach the modern origin story. Moreover, as science learns more about the universe and our place within it, the narrative can be continually corrected and updated. It is generally accepted that Big History can yield intellectual benefits by forcing academics in different disciplines to work together.

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For example, it forces astronomers to talk to geologists and biologists. In this respect, it has some synergies with astrobiology , the science devoted to searching for life in the universe. Snow in his famous Rede Lecture in But would a wider appreciation of Big History yield any practical benefits for society? This was the subject of a meeting held last month at the Australian National University under the auspices of the Humanities Research Centre.

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At least two possible societal benefits of Big History emerged from the discussion. Firstly, the evolutionary perspective provided by Big History powerfully reinforces the fact that all life on Earth is related and shares a common history. Moreover, as far as we know today, Earth is the only place in the universe where life and intelligence have arisen. Read more: The oldest star discovery tells much about the early universe.

Secondly, Big History may provide a basis for drawing different human cultures closer together. At a time when populist nationalism and religious ideologies are acting to fragment humanity, it is important to find unifying perspectives that can counter these centrifugal tendencies. Any global tradition needs to begin with a shared worldview: a culture-independent, globally accepted consensus as to how things are. Realising these social benefits will require that Big History becomes much more widely known. This will necessitate introducing it into school curricula around the world. As several speakers noted at the ANU meeting, there is currently an overemphasis on teaching of national histories in schools.

Indeed, the big historian Fred Spier has observed :.

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It may not be too much to hope that this broadened perspective could eventually help lay the foundation for the eventual political unification of our world. In a powerfully argued recent analysis , Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel have concluded that such political unification, perhaps in the form of a federal world government , may be necessary if the pressing global problems of the 21st century are to be addressed.

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Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Big History may provide a basis for drawing different human cultures closer together. Ian Crawford , Birkbeck, University of London. Bringing the sciences and humanities together This is the vast perspective on human history that Big History seeks to make better known. The book includes teaching materials, examples, and detailed sample exercises. This book is also an engaging first-hand account of how a group of professors built an entire Big History general education curriculum for first-year students, demonstrating how this thoughtful integration of disciplines exemplifies liberal education at its best and illustrating how teaching and learning this incredible story can be transformative for professors and students alike.

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