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The third feature from Canadian director Albert Shin is an off-kilter psychological thriller about a woman Tuppence Middleton who returns home to the titular tourist neighborhood in Niagara Falls after the death of her mother, only to become obsessed with the hazy memory of a kidnapping she believes she witnessed as a child. Hannah Gross plays her estranged sister, and director David Cronenberg appears in a supporting role as a podcaster who may have clues to the case.

The result may have too many twists for its own good. For The Playlist 's Andrew Bundy, David Lynch is the comparison of choice thanks to a bit of weirdness present in Clifton Hill , though he mostly finds the result "tonally confusing" and "too tame and tepid to truly work as weird noir. It could be your next midnight movie obsession. The first narrative feature in 25 years for South African director Richard Stanley perhaps best known for being fired from The Island of Dr.

Moreau is a trippy, humorous, and liberal adaptation of the H. Lovecraft story of the same name, and serves as a showcase for Nicolas Cage at his most unhinged. Cage plays the patriarch of a New England family that gradually begins to lose touch with reality after a colorful but, as it turns out, sinister meteorite lands on their alpaca-filled farm. Looking for something "fun, messy, [and] deliberately over-the-top? The result is a conceptual melange that is heavy on flavour but light on cohesiveness. Eddie Murphy's first film in three years finds him playing late musician, comedian and actor Rudy Ray Moore, who gained fame in the s portraying the foul-mouthed hero Dolemite in several no-budget Blaxploitation films as well as on his comedy records.

There have been plenty of comparisons to Ed Wood as well as the recent film The Disaster Artist , though critics seem to like Dolemite slightly less even as they have plenty of praise for what appears to be Murphy's best role and performance in years.

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Bailey actually notes the same observation in his otherwise positive review. Vanity Fair 's K. Netflix will open the film in theaters on October 4th before debuting it on the streaming service on October 25th. Any heart the story might have accessed is sacrificed to directorial fussiness and characters both remote and unsympathetic.

Coming from such a consistently strong filmmaker, it's a maddening disappointment. The latest minimalist drama from noted indie filmmaker Kelly Reichardt Certain Women loosely adapts Jon Raymond's novel The Half-Life about a pair of frontiersmen in the early days of the Oregon Territory—familiar territory for the director, though First Cow is set except for a present-day framing scene in , a few decades before Meek's Cutoff. Reichardt's films are not for everyone, but they usually are for critics, and this one appears to be no exception, though it doesn't quite rank among her very best work.

IndieWire 's Eric Kohn compares this "hypnotic, unpredictable movie" to Old Joy , writing, "Once again, Reichardt has crafted a wondrous little story about two friends roaming the natural splendors of the Pacific Northwest, searching for their place in the world.

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Together, with the backing of the Ford Motor Company, they take on the dominant Ferrari team at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in Is it still a contender now that critics and audiences have seen the film? Well, Erivo certainly is, though the film as a whole may not be best picture material. And Variety 's Owen Gleiberman—one of several critics with complaints about the film's music—also thinks Harriet slightly lets down its heroine by failing to let audiences connect with her; the result, for him, is "a conventional and rather prosaic piece of filmmaking.

But other critics are more forgiving. Screen 's Allan Hunter deems Harriet "a thoughtful biopic that grows more involving the more it shrugs off its tendency towards the reverential.

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Another coming of age comedy, her latest film How to Build a Girl casts Feldstein as a decidedly uncool working-class teen who attempts to reinvent herself as a music critic for an NME -like magazine in early s London despite little knowledge of the subject. Is it another hit? Perhaps not, but critics certainly like what The Guardian 's Peter Bradshaw deems "a thoroughly likeable and funny film.

And IndieWire 's Kate Erbland thinks Girl "a smart twist on the coming-of-age comedy" thanks to its refusal to follow the genre's usual formula. Zellweger portrays the actress and singer in a drama set mostly near the end of her tragic life—particularly, during her five-week, sold-out nightclub run in London in early when she also began a whirlwind romance with the man who would become her fifth husband, Mickey Deans Finn Wittrock.

How important are independent thinking skills in schools?

Jordan , who heads to Alabama to represent a wrongly convicted man on death row a widely praised Jamie Foxx with the help of a local assistant Brie Larson, who previously starred for Cretton in Short Term That may sound like Oscar bait, but it remains to be seen whether Academy voters will be biting after surprisingly unenthusiastic reviews for what many critics see as an overly formulaic film with a dearth of subtlety.

The Film Stage 's Christopher Schobert speaks for many reviewers when he writes, "It is impossible to walk away from Just Mercy unmoved. The film will get an Oscar-qualifying release beginning Christmas Day before opening nationwide on January Critics are somewhat mixed on the result, though more than a few like it well enough. Much of the attention has been focused on Chalamet, whom CineVue 's John Bleasdale describes as seeming "crushed by the weight of the role. Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci star in Facebook Watch's series adaptation of the scripted fiction podcast of the same name.

As in the podcast, the television series which begins on October 16 finds a public radio host Biel investigating the year-old disappearance of over people at a neuroscience research facility in Limetown, Tennessee.

Stop the School Bus Getting Education Reform Back on Track

Critics saw the first two half-hour episodes at TIFF and generally like them, though they weren't blown away. Variety 's Caroline Framke finds it a "straightforward adaptation" that nevertheless "feels slightly off-kilter in a way that suits its thriller roots. Moving the story from the s to the '50s but layering on a new, resonant-to-our-times conspiracy, Norton stars as Lionel Essrog, a private investigator with Tourette Syndrome whose attempt to solve the murder of his mentor Bruce Willis leads him to the most powerful man in New York City.

The result is on the cusp of being a good movie. Tom Perrotta Election , The Leftovers adapts his own best-selling novel into a comedic, seven-episode HBO miniseries which debuts October 27 that finds two people exploring their newfound personal freedom: a something single mother Kathryn Hahn dealing with an empty home for the first time, and her son Jackson White , who enters his freshman year of college. Critics saw the first three hours including the opener directed by Nicole Holofcener at TIFF, and didn't quite come to identical conclusions.

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Hollywood Reporter TV critic Tim Goodman thinks that the limited nature of the series does the material a disservice, writing that the result feels "truncated and underwhelming," "unfinished and rushed. Variety 's Daniel D'Addario similarly thinks it a "comfortable, pleasing character study" boosted by "a major performance by an actress who should be in the top ranks of television stars. The seventh directorial effort for French actress Julie Delpy finds her diving into atypical genre territory for a story about a recently divorced geneticist and mother Delpy whose love for her daughter finds her resorting to extreme measures after a tragedy.

The film isn't an unequivocal success, but some reviewers seem to like this new look from Delpy who also penned the script. In a spoiler-free review, IndieWire 's Kate Erbland sees a "fascinating" film that "may not stick the landing, but by the time the screen goes black one final time, Delpy has left enough to think about for another three acts.

That Delpy finds her way to the ending she does—and earns it is—no small accomplishment.

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The first feature in a decade as well as the animation debut from Hong Kong-based photographer and director Yonfan utilizes a unique process that transforms 3D illustrations into hand-drawn 2D images on rice paper. While everyone loves the animation, critics are a bit more mixed on the overall success of the film though the Venice jury did award it best screenplay.

Critics approve. Screen 's Wendy Ide sees an "achingly intimate portrait of a marriage weathering a storm," while NOW 's Glenn Sumi thinks "the two actors bring depth and compassion to their characters," elevating what could have been an ordinary drama. Dialogue is mostly in an invented Interslavic language.

Filled with cruelty and graphic violence against humans and animals, it's not exactly an enjoyable, or even tolerable, watch. Yes, there were many walkouts at its festival screenings. I can also say that I hope to never cross its path again. With her latest, she returns to her native country to tell the story of a Saudi female doctor who decides to run for office in her local elections.

One of two TIFF entries about female astronauts, this drama from Alice Winocour Disorder , Augustine centers on a French astronaut Eva Green who begins training for a yearlong stay aboard the International Space Station—a mission made even harder by the fact that it will require her to be apart from her 7-year-old daughter.

The result doesn't soar, exactly, but has some admirers. In The Film Stage , Jared Mobarak concludes, "This is a very quiet and contemplative film driven by characters above plot," though he is especially impressed by Green, whom he calls "spectacular in the role. The latest genre oddity from the duo behind The Endless stars Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie as New Orleans paramedics who are called to a series of violent but unusual scenes, all seemingly connected by the use of a new designer drug the titular "synchronic". But the drug doesn't exactly work like other narcotics—remember, it's a sci-fi film.

The less you know about the specifics in advance, the better. It's definitely not the pair's best work, but some critics still like elements of the movie. Variety 's Dennis Harvey is among the most disappointed, thinking it a "misfire" that represents the duo's "M. Night Shyamalan moment, in which the bag of tricks suddenly looks empty. What lingers are the wild set-pieces and sci-fi theories. Shooting for the first time outside of Japan and in the English and French language, director Hirokazu Kore-eda enlists an impressive cast to explore the relationship between Fabienne, a star of French cinema played by—who else—Catherine Deneuve, and her daughter, Lumir Juliette Binoche.

The film does not yet have a U. Japan's first anime submission in the Oscar best international formerly "foreign language" film category since Princess Mononoke in , and already a box office hit in its home country, Weathering With You is Makoto Shinkai's first film since his global anime hit Your Name. It's another romance, and it follows a high school boy who runs away to Tokyo where he meets an orphan girl who has the ability to manipulate the weather. Critics think it lacks some of the magic present in Your Name , and part of their hesitation is the new film's somewhat unsuccessful attempt to relate its story to the climate change crisis.

Screen 's Wendy Ide sees a "visually stunning" film whose fantastical approach to weather issues "does seem a little out of kilter with current environmental concerns. The film will get an awards-qualifying run in late before heading to North American theaters in in its original subtitled version as well as a new English-language dub. Written and directed by Canadian duo Calvin Thomas and Yonah Lewis, this psychological thriller follows Katie Kacey Rohl , a celebrity on her university campus thanks to her ability to convince everyone she has cancer.

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