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Witty, acerbic Mitford was a British investigative reporter working in the U. Her breezy magazine articles and books took down corrupt companies and whole industries while making everyone laugh. This roster of articles includes the forerunners of what became The American Way of Death, a remarkably funny investigation into the corrupt funeral trade that made her career.

The book exposed how cynical undertakers exploited the grieving public and spurred changes in legislation all over North America as well as sparking a boom in memorial societies. Ads for the Famous Writers School were a staple in most magazines of that era and their travelling salesmen were bilking money out of little old ladies who might charitably be described as functionally illiterate.

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Shannon Rupp. Search this site:. Jessica Mitford. The Investigative Reporters' Handbook 02 Sep Although, it has to be said, there would be many at the receiving end of her attention who would dispute that line about her sweet nature. But then it was always her business to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

The book includes 17 pieces of journalism—a mere slice of the work that Mitford produced over the course of a year career in letters, but a choice one….

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Mitford supplies research tips and instructive anecdotes alongside the pieces that her self-education yielded, providing a satisfying synthesis of theory and practice. Reporting, she knows, is the best obtainable version of the truth.

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Then she shows us how to get there with grace, wit, cunning, style, imagination, and-above all-a sense of enjoying the journey. In addition, she provides the reader with insight into how the articles came to be.

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Muckracking hopefuls, note. Here is a woman who revels in her work. Her voice ripples into laughter, both at self and at the subjects of her investigations.

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She digs up scandals with unrestrained delight in excavation and reports her findings with such saucy exuberance that her work looks deceptively easy. Jessica Mitford is the sort of royalty no democracy should be withou t. Paperback —. Add to Cart.

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