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Search our database of handpicked physics sites. Discover what our team is up to. Find out where physics can take you. Fit for Mars How will the human body cope with a mission to Mars?

How do you smell? King conkers An insight into the world of collisions. The Fallacies of Models The biggest questions facing humanity are often also the most complex — but models are rising to the challenge. Why do teapots drip?

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It's a problem scientists have been trying to figure out for a long time. Know How Now Find out how frogs can levitate, how much toast you could make with a bolt of lightning and more.

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Find out more. Cheers Physics Find out the pint-sized physics of beer, from brewing to drinking. Explore Search our database of handpicked physics sites. Experimental Control of Simple Pendulum Model. According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe is expanding.

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Hubble's constant gives us the speed of extension of the Universe according to the distance between two objects. Usually, we use Hubble's Constant to calculate Universe's Usually, we use Hubble's Constant to calculate Universe's expansion between distant galaxies. But, regarding to Big Bang Theory, Universe is expanding everywhere. So, with a cross-multiplication, we can calculate what should be the extension of the Universe between Sun and planets of our Solar System, during a duration we can easily apprehend, say one year.

We calculate what increase of distances between these celestial bodies should be due to Universe's expansion during one year. We study the possibility that gravity links Sun and planets of our Solar System with enough energy to prevent them from getting away from each other, due to Universe's expansion.

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If so, gravity energy linking Sun and planets of our Solar System must be stronger, by several magnitudes, than energy linking two galaxies which are moving away from each other, due to Universe's expansion. If gravitationl energy linking planets of our Solar System is weaker than gravitational energy linking two distant galaxies, then gravitation connot compensate expansion of the Universe in Solar System, and we should be able to measure it inside our Solar System Universe's, otherwise Universe's expansion is a fallacy.

This explains the fundamental difference between the two axioms. One of which, the axiom of chance, was introduced by Kolmogorov with his axiomatization of the theory of probability, although he did not call it an axiom. The other, the The other, the axiom of experience, which plays a similar role in the dual theory of believability, is formulated in essentially different ways.

To facilitate the perception of the meaning of this difference, as well as its far-reaching consequences, which relate to the concept of the past experience and the future chance, these axioms are accompanied by illustrations in the form of Venn diagrams. Solar Planet Velocity Analysis.

It from Bit or Them from Ylem?

What is physics?

John Archibald Wheeler's phrase "it from bit" suggests that quantum mechanics and the explanation for physical existence may be based on information theory. According to this idea, physical reality may arise from yes-no binary outcomes in According to this idea, physical reality may arise from yes-no binary outcomes in quantum measurement experiments, and perhaps from an even deeper information level.

This article proposes another idea: that superluminal energy quanta embody the information needed to form the fundamental particles that produce our universe. Superluminal energy quanta were the primordial matter that produced the first hot plasma of fundamental particles during the Big Bang.

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One superluminal energy quantum may have formed the original primordial quantum particle that produced our universe-the cosmic quantum. Superluminal energy quanta continue to form fundamental particles today such as photons and electrons.

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The primordial matter of the universe, traditionally called ylem, is proposed to be superluminal energy quanta that form the fundamental particles of our universe-giving rise to the expression "them from ylem". Related Topics. Theoretical Physics. Follow Following. Atomic, Molecular, And Optical Physics. Cosmology Physics.

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