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This is done as follows:. The next step is to create a CGI object. The CGI library is object-oriented, which means that all the functions and data to do with CGI are accessed through an object. This tells Perl that it is a scalar variable. Scalar variables can be used to store things like object pointers, numbers, and strings of text. For more info see this tutorial.

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Note also that we are declaring the variable to be a private variable using the my operator. This ensures that the variable will only exist within this CGI script. This is a good practice to get into, and will help you to avoid problems when developing more complex Perl scripts in the future!

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It would be a good idea to print this out from our script now. You can specify the content type between the if required, e. The information is passed to CGI scripts as parameters. To access a parameter using the CGI object, we use the following syntax:.

So, if we want to retrieve the values of our two form parameters and store them in Perl variables, we can use something like this:. These functions strip out anything in the data that could be used to trick our script into sending spam. To send the email, we open a pipe to the sendmail program, then output our email including header information such as the sender, recipient and email subject to the pipe:.

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For more info on these points, read the Your first CGI script tutorial. If all goes well, you should shortly receive your comments in an email! Make sure your paths to Perl and sendmail are correct, and that you uploaded your file in ASCII format and set the correct permissions. Any suggestions?? Is there a way to insert a link instead of a message? I tried adding a second contact form, and made a second cgi file, but named it differently. I have used it for numerous form, applications etc, and it works just fine until I needed to send a copy of the application back to the user :p.

I get the mail fine for my main recipient, but the CC should be webform gmail. Maybe try just sending 2 copies of the email, one to the main recipient and another to the CC recipient using TO: instead of CC:?

Also your regex might be messing things up not sure. Try commenting it out and see if it works maybe? My CGI script is in the cgi-bin of my hosting account. So I think the problem is one of two things:.

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Or, do you know what the path might be? It may be that you need to set certain permissions, use a different file extension such as. Hi, Thanks for this tutorial. I tried running this form mailer from my local system and i got this error. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

I can feel it, I am insanely close! Unfortunately i am having the same issue as tjstab and am getting a blank email…. This is why your message is blank. Trying out PerlDancer as a basis for building web apps. Very nice. Dancer is the first web framework I haven't wanted to pee on :- - Schwern.

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Hacking around using PerlDancer and enjoying it immensely. PerlDancer is the easiest way to write webapps. One day from idea to implemention. Fantastic work. For a simple framework I suggest Dancer. Great thing, it made me stop hating web development. It's called Dancer, and as redundant as this might sound; Dancer, is an effortless web framework.

I have - and would second frameworks like Perl Dancer as fantastic examples of what the Perl community is up to these days. Perl is [ I just spent yesterday with Perl Dancer and was able to get a website going for my Dad's software consulting company in no time at all! Thanks for all your efforts on Dancer it is pretty awesome. There's a close alignment of the packages and methods with the concepts one has in mind when doing web development. Formerly a Perl teacher, I never taught web development to the first-year students because the learning curve would have been too steep.

Perl Dancer is amazing! If you're into web development, definitely give Dancer a look, you might be surprised how fun and productive web development can be these days. Dancer is two things packed together: it stays out of your way if you like that, but also provides you with very powerful primitives to get the complex web tasks done in just a few lines of code. Highly recommended to both novices and experts! PerlDancer Excellent framework!

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Thank you for making it easy for guys like me with two left feet who have to dance to make a living. Forgot to mention twitpardy's backend is written in Perl and website uses Dancer. I say I spent the afternoon on it, but perldancer makes web dev so simple that it actually took about an hour. PerlDancer is probably the coolest framework I've used this year! Working on Perl Dancer and Extjs, wow, now programming is fun again!

We needed to move really fast and provide a highly scalable, extensible, and maintainable product to our customers to enable them to pool money together. Check out Perl Dancer as a web framework for example and you'll see simplicity. The heavy hitters are Catalyst, Mojolicious, and Dancer. Any one of them can be used to build a large-scale web application just as easily as Django in Python, or Ruby on Rails.

You need to write so little code to do so much. I believe so much in Dancer that I've given talks about it at local Perl Monger's groups, have taught a few people how to use it, and have even built my next generation web services framework at Plain Black on top of it.

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  8. When I picked Dancer I wasn't looking for a tool that did everything for me out of the box. I was looking for something I could grow into and build the app the way I wanted to build it.

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    Dancer is easily extensible without getting in my way or limiting me, and that's a big win. I loved the simplicity and straight-forwardness of Dancer. It's so dead-simple and just gets out of your way.