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The book discusses that these large copyright corporations use litigation as a business model, when in fact litigation is the breakdown or lack of a business model.

It was not until the industry was dragged kicking and screaming that they final woke up to the idea that the new technology would actually increase, and perhaps save, their industry instead of dooming it. After stating the lines drawn in the sand, Patry gives background information of how the copyright wars began. He shows that metaphors, especially their repetition, provide a power tool in framing and discussing an argument. PATRY, supra note 1, at These moral panics, such as the entertainment industry with videocassettes or the music industry with Napster, frame the copyright industry as the victim of those wielding this seemingly unexplainable and illegal technology.

The authors that they claim to protect would be better benefitted by allowing new technologies to help others gain access, and use new technology to create further works. The book makes the point that innovation in itself is creative destruction, and that by creating legislation such as Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Congress is essentially thwarting the innovative process instead of nurturing it.

Instead of embracing such mediums as digital transfers of music, the copyright corporations still attempt to hold on to their old ways of compact discs and other obsolete mediums. Furthermore, Patry constantly brings in examples and other expert scholars on his multitude of topics to strengthen his argument.

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Overall, the book accomplishes its goal to enlighten the reader of the intricacies of copyright and the war being waged in the industry. Though the book takes a hard stance against the almost free reign copyright is given in the United States at the moment, it should appeal to any scholar who has an interest in furthering their background and understanding of copyright law. Related documents.

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Sign language alphabet. Samenvatting Metaphors, moral panics, folk devils, Jack Valenti, Joseph Schumpeter, John Maynard Keynes, predictable irrationality, and free market fundamentalism are a few of the topics covered in this lively, unflinching examination of the Copyright Wars: the pitched battles over new technology, business models, and most of all, consumers.

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In Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars, William Patry lays bare how we got to where we are: a bloated, punitive legal regime that has strayed far from its modest, but important roots. Patry demonstrates how copyright is a utilitarian government program--not a property or moral right. As a government program, copyright must be regulated and held accountable to ensure it is serving its public purpose.


Just as Wall Street must serve Main Street, neither can copyright be left to a Reaganite ''magic of the market. Unless we recognize that the debates over copyright are debates over business models, we will never be able to make the correct business and policy decisions. A centrist and believer in appropriately balanced copyright laws, Patry concludes that calls for strong copyright laws, just like calls for weak copyright laws, miss the point entirely: the only laws we need are effective laws, laws that further the purpose of encouraging the creation of new works and learning.

Our current regime, unfortunately, creates too many bad incentives, leading to bad conduct. Just as President Obama has called for re-tooling and re-imagining the auto industry, Patry calls for a remaking of our copyright laws so that they may once again be respected.

Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s For those interested in linguistics, philosophy and Copyright issues in the 21st century, it provides a fascinating read. For those interested in linguistics, philosophy and Copyright issues in the 21st century, it provides a fascinating read.

Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars

Do we need creative destruction? This is an important book. Lees de eerste pagina's. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: Hardcover.

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