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ISBN 13: 9780340681268

It is decided that the Five plus Tinker and Mischief, the monkey can camp in an adjoining field, where to their pleasure, a circus is to set up camp too. After all, they went off in caravans and stayed near a circus in Five go off in a Caravan and stayed in a field with circus folk in Five Have a Wonderful Time. We meet the circus people, but without the wonderful characterisation of the Faynight's circus folk. There is the usual 'rubber man', a sad-looking clown, yet another Grandad, yet another chimpanzee There is also a Chinese magician called Mister Wooh.

Chatting round the camp fire, Tinker tells of his father's wonderful inventions, and mentions the Tower erected in the grounds of his house, where the Prof.

It beggars belief that such a similarity goes unnoticed. There is also a scene featuring a donkey-skin, where two people prance about inside it—remember Clopper in Five go Down to the Sea? The four don't seem to. Professor Hayling's papers get stolen, although three locked doors in the tower remain locked. The rest of the plot is lifted straight from The Rilloby Fair Mystery.

Really, Enid! A poor finish then to an incredible series. If someone only read this book, he or she would think it a reasonable story. Compared to some of the others though, it is a very poor 'last attempt' of the series. Judging by the last paragraph, "Hurry up and fall into another adventure.

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We are longing to hear what you and the others will be up to next. Sic Transit Gloria. A bout of scarlet fever is the tool this time to separate the Five from caregivers, and they are shipped off to Professor Hayling's, who from past experience I can't imagine inviting four rowdy children and a dog to stay.

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Nevertheless, there they are. And there's also the re-emergence of Tinker and his monkey Mischief, one of the few secondary characters Blyton re-used in the Five books. Professor Hayling comes across as an even more daydreamy version of Uncle Quentin, and can't abide the children, Timmy and Mischief making too much noise. The children decide camping in the field is preferable to putting up with the good Professor, and promptly relocate.

Of course the story couldn't end with simple camping, so suddenly a circus shows up with rights to camp in Tinker's field. Unfortunately traveling circuses have never set up in any fields near my house, but I guess it could happen if the imagination is stretched slightly. Then Tinker's boasting gets things moving—a burglary occurs in the Professor's tower.

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Now this is where the plot begins to be totally recycled. A circus. A conjurer who acts oddly. A trained chimp with the ability to scale walls and steal papers. To me this is a wholesale lift from two Barney mysteries— Rilloby Fair and Rubadub.

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