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Some antimicrobial peptides are able to diminish the proton-motive force. Experiments have been described in which the transmembrane potential of a rat liver mitochondria and b cytochrome c oxidase vesicles, has been titrated with polypeptide antibiotics of the magainin type. Bioenergetics of the memorization function in the central nervous system is also discussed. Hypothetical phosphor-code for memory formation in the brain is associated specific receptors and high level of free-energy transduction in corresponding brain regions.

Co-evolution of primordial membranes and membrane proteins

It is pointed out that, in general, biological energy conversion is a very intensive process which speeds up the thermodynamic evolution of a closed system and maintains an open system very far from a state of equilibrium. Thermodynamic and biological evolution are not in opposition one to another, because thermodynamic evolution makes possible biological evolution and biological evolution speeds up thermodynamic evolution.

Intensive metabolic activity and human industrial activity as well can be associated with high entropy production.

Instructions as to how to prepare ion-selective electrodes and cytochrome c oxidase vesicles are included in the appendixes, where many useful addresses for Internet molecular biology sites can be found too. Chapters with short description of content 1.

The design features cells use to build their transmembrane proton gradient

Introduction what is life? Connection between bioenergetics and ecology 53 references and 5 figures 2. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and coupling of biochemical reactions 12 references and 1 figure 3.

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Dominant forces in protein folding 61 references and 8 figures 4. Transport properties of membranes 18 references and 4 figures 5. Does story about taxol has happy ending?

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P-glycoprotein: the bouncer who expels unwanted visitors? Proteins from "ABC Transporters" family 71 references and 13 figures 7. Can bioenergetics be summed in few rules? Limits and open problems of chemiosmotic hypothesis 35 references and 6 figures 8.

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