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Claud was an experienced poacher and shared Roald's passion for "gambling in small amounts on horses and greyhounds. Registered Charity No.

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This is why sober assessments of what's actually going on in your beleaguered life -- your "Holy City" John Bunyan; HT RKA -- are almost always accompanied, within minutes, or even seconds, by external solutions. It is the truth of life: state the problem as it actually is, and the solution will hit you over the head.

Listen carefully to Eddie James and co's inspired song, "Power".

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Then listen to it again. Everything's there. I want to see whether the dazzling vision of space colonisation projected by Monart Pon in this issue comes to pass.

I want to see whether the idealistic spark ignited by year-old James Gribble in the article that follows ever turns into a conflagration. Yet there is so much to savour, regardless. There is the glory of the human mind — the seemingly limitless conquests of nature that this creature called man is able to wring by dint, not of pre-programmed, unthinking, brute force but of the diligent, deliberate use of his distinctive means of survival: his brain. And a variant of this , if anything, is the theme of this issue — the mind versus the anti- mind. James Gribble reminds us that the conclusions of one mind — or a majority of minds or anti-minds - are not, properly, something to be imposed on the rest of us, since we all have our own minds.