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Downloadable data. Tissue-based map of the human proteome. A dynamic range compression and three-dimensional peptide fractionation analysis platform expands proteome coverage and the diagnostic potential of whole saliva.

Delta Dental Salivary Diagnostics

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Saliva in the diagnosis of diseases | International Journal of Oral Science

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Current developments in salivary diagnostics

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Several integrated tools streamline common tasks, such as converting between ID formats and retrieving sequences. The combination of a wide variety of databases, an easy-to-use interface, robust programmatic access and the array of tools make Central Portal a one-stop shop for biological data querying.

SDxMart is a BioMart data portal that hosts salivary proteomic, trans-criptomic, metabolomic and microRNA data and offers access to the data by using the BioMart interface and querying environment. SDxMart is designed to provide a variety of queries to facilitate saliva biomarker discovery including complex queries that integrate genomic, clinical and functional information. The SDxMart holds data from projects of oral diseases and systemic diseases including oral cancer, Sjogren's syndrome, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer.

The types of datasets are: i proteomics; ii trans-criptomics; iii microRNA; and iv metabolomics. In addition, the SDxMart is imported with several public databases including Ensembl genome database Ensembl release 37 ,20 and the number of resources is continuously growing.

The SKB is being created to facilitate researchers using salivary data from multiple perspectives.