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While sample preparation from other microbiomes e. Authors: Samuel Verbanic, Colin Y. Kim, John M. Deacon and Irene A. Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli STEC are emerging foodborne pathogens that are public health concern. Cattle have been identified as the major STEC reservoir.

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In the present study, we investigated the pr Several serious vegetable-associated outbreaks of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli EHEC infections have occurred during the last decades. In this context, vegetables have been suggested to function as seconda Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium is a common food-borne pathogen.

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Shawky, Mohamed Emara, Philip D. Aldridge and Christopher V. Efflux pump mediated antibiotic resistance is an unnoticed and undetected mechanism in clinical microbiology laboratory. RND efflux systems are known for aminoglycoside and tetracycline resistance whereas thei The primary and secondary metabolites of fungi are critical for adaptation to environmental stresses, host pathogenicity, competition with other microbes, and reproductive fitness. Drought-derived reactive oxy Authors: Jake C. Fountain, Liming Yang, Manish K. Kemerait, Rajeev K. Varshney and Baozhu Guo. Ustilago esculenta , a typical dimorphic fungus could infect Zizania latifolia and induce host stem swollen to form an edible vegetable called Jiaobai in China.

The strains differentiation especially in the mating The decomposition of Microcystis can dramatically change the physicochemical properties of freshwater ecosystems.

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Bacteria play an important role in decomposing organic matters and accelerating the cycling of mat Little is known about how bacterial endosymbionts colonize host tissues. Because many insect endosymbionts are maternally transmitted, egg colonization is critical for endosymbiont success.

Advances in Parasitology, Volume 98

Wolbachia bacteria, ca Cross-resistance, a phenomenon that a pathogen resists to one antimicrobial compound also resists to one or several other compounds, is one of major threats to human health and sustainable food production. Tree shrew is a novel laboratory animal with specific characters for human disease researches in recent years.

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However, little is known about its characteristics of gut microbial community and intestinal comme Salmonella has been considered as one of the most important foodborne pathogens that threatened breeding industry and public health. To investigate the prevalence and characterization of Salmonella isolated from Plants have evolved intimate interactions with soil microbes for a range of beneficial functions including nutrient acquisition, pathogen resistance and stress tolerance.

Further understanding of this system i Lebeis, Vince Pantalone, Parwinder S. Grewal and Margaret E. Tannerella forsythia is a Gram-negative oral pathogen. Authors: Valentina M. Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis is an emerging tick-borne pathogen. It is widely distributed in Ixodes ricinus ticks in Europe, but knowledge of its distribution in Norway, where I.

Lactobacilli are gatekeepers of vaginal ecosystem impeding growth of pathogenic microbes and their diversity varies across populations worldwide. The present study investigated diversity of human vaginal micro Comparative knowledge of microbiomes and resistomes across environmental interfaces between animal production systems and urban settings is lacking.

In this study, we executed a comparative analysis of the mic Authors: Rahat Zaheer, Steven M. Cook, Francis J. Larney, Paul S. Morley, Calvin W. Booker, Sherry J. Read and Tim A.

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Despite the importance of the B. It is widely believed that most xenobiotics cross biomembranes by diffusing through the phospholipid bilayer, and that the use of protein transporters is an occasional adjunct. According to an alternative view Day and Douglas B. Paucity of data on MRSA carriage prevalence and diagnostic methods in resource-limited settings hampers efforts to define Authors: A.

Ayebare, L. Bebell, J. Bazira, S. Ttendo, V. Katawera, D. Bangsberg, M. Siedner, P. Firth and Y. Boum II. More than half of the adult population worldwide is overweight or obese, while excess adiposity has been linked to chronic low-grade inflammation, contributing to the development of chronic diseases. Recent st Microbial community and its management are crucial to the stabilization of culture environment for recirculating aquaculture system RAS.

Although several studies have been carried out for the microbial commu Gut microbiota has been suggested to play a role in stroke patients.

Nevertheless, little is known about gut microbiota and the clinical indexes in stroke patients. Content type: Correction. Following publication of the original article [1], the authors notified us of an error in the presentation of Fig. Authors: Prashant P. Pablo Radicella and Desirazu N. The original article was published in BMC Microbiology 16 Human skin is an appropriate environment for the growth of different types of microbes that may inhabit the skin as commensal flora.

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This study aims at identifying the diversity of skin microbiota in healthy S Holobionts comprising nitrogen-fixing diazotrophs and phytoplankton or zooplankton are ubiquitous in the pelagic sea. However, neither the community structure of plankton-associated diazotrophs PADs nor thei The low bacterial load in samples acquired from the lungs, have made studies on the airway microbiome vulnerable to contamination from bacterial DNA introduced during sampling and laboratory processing.

We hav Authors: Christine Drengenes, Harald G. Eagan and Rune Nielsen. Vibrio parahaemolyticus V. The simple, timely and efficien We sought to investigate the antibiotic susceptibility profiles, resistance genes, virulence-re Helicobacter pylori recurrence after successful eradication is an important problem. Children are particularly vulnerable to reinfection, by intrafamilial transmission which facilitates the acquisition or recombi Enterocytozoon bieneusi is one of the commonest microsporidians contributing to human microsporidiosis, and is frequently found in animals in various countries.

However, there is limited epidemiological informati Authors: Yan Zhang, Anson V. Salmonella enterica is regarded as a major public health threat worldwide. Salmonella secretes the novel translocated effector protein K2 SseK2 , but it is unclear whether this protein plays a significant role i The Chinese believe that the meat of pigs reared in the past with free range tastes better than that of the pigs reared indoor on a large scale today.

Gastrointestinal microflora is closely associated with the Early pathogen detection and identification are crucial for an effective and targeted antibiotic therapy in patients suffering from blood stream infection. Molecular diagnostic methods can accelerate pathogen Veterinary Record , Vol , Issue 6, pp. Current Biology , Vol 26, Issue 2, pp.

Genome Research , Vol 29, Issue 8, pp. Monteiro, F. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution , Vol 32, Issue 1, pp. O'Dempsey, Timothy ' Giardiasis and other intestinal protozoal infections ' in: Tropical medicine : lecture notes, 7th ed. Paget-McNicol, S. Parasitology , Vol , Issue 3, pp.